Mark J. Hall, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years, helping design, layout, and setting tile in some of the most beautiful homes in Western North Carolina.

We  specialize in marble, limestone, and tile of all sizes and shapes. Proper preparation is the key to a quality tile installation job; our expertise is invaluable with uneven walls and floors. We go the extra mile to shave uneven studs down before installing cement board. On floors, we check for dips or high spots, and remedy problems before any installation begins.

Any job worth doing–is worth doing right!

As a kid, Mark Hall learned an important golden rule from an old friend:“There are only three things you need to know in the construction business–you have to keep it square, level, and plumb.” That lesson set the tone for years of quality work, that has led to much repeat business over the years.

Mosaic tile work is our favorite–creating elaborate scenes and designs with broken tile and tiny mosaic pieces. Have an idea for a mosaic scene? Give us a call!

We specialize in installing marble, limestone, and tile of all sizes, shapes and types.

Mosaic tile is a specialty–

we love creating elaborate scenes and intricate designs using broken tile and tiny mosaic pieces.